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For me the distinction is that my gambling is done for emotional reasons.Bitcoin, Ether Lead Digital Currency Slide. forums on ether, which could. had prompted speculation that ether would overtake bitcoin to become the.The Fate of Bitcoin in The Speculation Game of Exchange. 2017 Left-Out Forum Deep State Panels Create Awareness Censorship Attempt Focuses Attention on the Panels.When you invest in business, you receive your fair share of the profits in accordance with your percentage ownership.From my experience, people who buy cryptocurrency expect to sell it at a higher price in the future.Real estate - you are buying the regular income from renting it out.

Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Rises Past $4300

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Bitcoin has broken free of all market constraints and has managed to fall.

Bitcoin Forum - Join in our biggest bitcoin community and discuss the latest trend of bitcoin and all other coins.When the music stops (again), a whole new lesson will be provided to those holding the bag.Hey Guys. i think during the currently Topic about the Bitcoin Segwit all coins will drop alot till 1 August.Re: Bitcoin. Calling bitcoin speculation gambling is just pointless name.Another part of it comes from the idea that a digital currency makes sense in a digital age.I have a development background working across financial apps in BOA, TIAA, Fidelity so I am not technically illiterate.

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Bitcoin More Like Speculation Asset Than Actual Money: Fintech Panelist in Davos.

Masters of Crypto: The Friendliest CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin Forum.The game of currencies and bitcoin is that folks are swapping things among themselves.On the other hand, this has not been historically true with other commodities, such as gold, which have at least kept up with inflation over the long term.

I will say that you should be really careful with those sort of funds.I think it was GBTC specifically actually which was trading for WAY above the value of the bitcoin it was carrying, almost 2X NAV at one point.Discussion about the Bitcoin economy and Speculation about the Bitcoin Price. Discussion about the Gunty Forum. 75 Posts.Ghana Bitcoin Forum. you may still be able to view forums and topics,.Speculation about mining hardware, difficulty, profitability,.Bitcoin industry insiders have issued an optimistic prediction for the.A programmer on a Bitcoin Talk forum paid another user 10,000 bitcoin to buy two Papa John.

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Investing in Bitcoin to me seems closest to currency trading in a really small country that has no central bank, no military, no treaties with other countries, no citizens, no industry, no infrastructure, and no laws.

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I enjoy the entertainment that comes from the high risk, high reward payouts.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2017 - Will Bitcoin Reach $3000?