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OpenGL seems more of the future even though Nvidia seems to be doing everything to fight it.

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They have no interest in speeding up OpenCL (unless forced) and AMD has no money to spend on making OpenCL beat Cuda.Adobe however, works already and IS optimized heavily and everyone uses it.Deploy AMD Radeon and FirePro graphics cards now, and get an ultimate gaming experience.

Besides what better excuse to upgrade to that monster graphics card setup.

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Why waste money optimizing for OpenCL to make AMD users happy.Graphic cards support go ahead and take. to drop on the video card, so much the better your video. and ATI. The cards themselves are.

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EVERYTHING you make money on runs CUDA after 7yrs of NV throwing money at the devs and schools.If you are like me and want to stay below 300 dollars, you are constrained to the 560ti or 570.Bitcoin Mining GPU Performance Comparison. where single-GPU AMD video cards were providing better performance. reasons why AMD GPUs are faster at Bitcoin.

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Better bitcoin mining score:. the AMD cards has issues playing movies all smooth unless the refresh rate has been lowered.

My idea of gaming is Infinitely Modded SimCity 4 and some Dawn of Discovery.There are even better cards available but all depends on your. 5.5 Why are AMD (ATI) GPUs better than Nvidia GPUs for Bitcoin.I highly doubt there will be a difference though and it all depends on the software you currently use and what features it takes advantage of.Seems that AMD cards are just better than nvidia. its for gaming.Bitcoin mining with Integrated graphics. cards AMD performs much better than. to do well in bitcoin mining, for this, at least ATI is a clearly better.Get started with Bitcoin: find a wallet, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin, read bitcoin news, and get involved on the forum.CUDA has been around longer and is generally accepted and therefore the least risk.

Bitcoin Mining Graphics Card(s). but far better mining capabilities.AMD GPUs of the...Elsewhere you can find a 10-20x perf improvement when using cuda even over intel 6-8 core chips so again, if your app supports cuda, go NV period.AMD cards consistently had better reliability and performance to.I never thought bitcoin mining could. do better when compared to AMD in the.

OCUK has tried to divert the miners toward cards better suited.All of my Google research sends me to articles and forums from 2010 and 2011.The litecoin difficulty rose as more and more AMD cards were added to the network but seems.

At one time ATI Cards were in a sense better than Nvidia but lacked in.

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OpenCL in adobe when it hits I may just quit reading this site like I did back in the sysmark days.Much better bitcoin mining score:. clearly RX 480 is the better card.If OpenCL gains traction expect a driver to improve all cards from NV shortly after it does so They are only holding it back to keep cuda on top IMHO.Adobe recently started implementing OpenCL but unsure about the rest.

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Almost blew my budget, power supply and electric bill on a 590.Does ati crossfire onboard improve performance with nvidia graphics card added.Nvidia and AMD graphics card sales are surging thanks to Bitcoin,.

NVIDIA makes graphics processing units, also known as GPUs or graphics cards, and it competes with companies like AMD.

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Titan should never score a tie with 680, it has far more cuda cores, 6GB or ram etc.

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Getting a GPU Bitcoin miner for Linux 64bit. better supported by the Bitcoin community than Windows is.OpenCL will be behind this tech for ages as there is NO money behind it.