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It is now compatible with not just SegWit, but also Bitcoin Cash and even SegWit2x. even though Bitcoin Cash is merely an altcoin. However,.Parity Bitcoin now also supports Bitcoin Cash, which is a positive sign for supporters of that particular implementation.

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That is the situation we are in right now, even though Bitcoin Cash is merely an altcoin.Bitcoin surged after it seemed a fork would no longer be necessary and that SegWit.It is a smart approach to ensure there are no compatibility issues later on, although a lot can change for SegWit2x between now and November.

Segwit is not a lasting solution but an 8MB block size, which is what bitcoin cash offers, they say.BIP 148 is an improvement proposal to the Bitcoin system that will implement a feature called SegWit,.It is now compatible with not just SegWit, but also Bitcoin Cash and even SegWit2x (assuming that will still be a thing come November).

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Not because they are not greedy (they should be greedy), but because they do long term investments that could benefit all miners, not just themselves.Bitcoin Cash will be a fork of the original Bitcoin blockchain with some changes and additional. (aka UASF) which intended to activate SegWit on August 1,.

Every owner of Bitcoin will have as much Bitcoin Cash as he has legacy Bitcoin or SegWit-Bitcoins or whatever fork coin emerges from Bitcoin.Bitcoin Cash is currently the hottest topic of conversation in the cryptocurrency world. (SegWit) to change the way data is stored on the Bitcoin network.Does Bitcoin Cash have no plans to adopt SegWit, or the Lightning Network, or other second-layer technologies at all.As long as the chain is maintained by miners and working, it is not possible to buy everything or dump it to zero.Right now, a group of miners are mining at a loss on the BC chain.SegWit, the software brainchild of developer Peter Wuille, just paved the way for a year of radical bitcoin updates.

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The company briefly explains why they are making a cryptocurrency specifically without Segwit.

That is why the chains will converge on one chain, unlike Ethereum.Huobi and Electrum have signaled their position on Bitcoin Cash amid.Bitcoin ABC is a full node implementation of the bitcoin protocol that removes SegWit and replaces it with a simple, sensible,.

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This is why the Parity Bitcoin developers have made some significant revisions to their full-node implementation.With the adoption of SegWit and other BIPs, Bitcoin is undergoing technical. from the main bitcoin chain and launched a separate cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash.

I will try to shed some light on stuff many bitcoin interested people might have not seen and give them a better platform to trade the chain split in a long term perspective.The agreement in the community was that miners would activate Segwit by.

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Although it was working just fine beforehand, it has now received an update to also support alternative versions of Bitcoin.

Death by Dumping is impossible It is not possible to dump a working crypto currency to death.

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It is the situation where there is not enough hashpower to mine enough blocks to reach the next DA.Should you invest in bitcoin cash instead of just holding on to traditional.Bitcoin cash, the new cryptocurrency, is crashing. August 8 is when SegWit, a software update for the original bitcoin blockchain, is set to go into effect.They are pushing very hard against the elephant leaning against them.

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The Parity Bitcoin client, which has been around since April of this year, recently received a major upgrade.Very few developers ever assumed we would see two competing Bitcoin blockchains.Bitcoin Cash will probably not see SegWit in its current shape, not as a soft fork.

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The fears of unintentional Bitcoin split due to the activation of SegWit may have been averted and chances of this happening may be low,.

If EDA was not introduced in BC, I think most people would see BC in rigor mortis today.Roger Ver, a self-described bitcoin evangelist and a supporter of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), has said a coin split would be good with Bitcoin Cash.It removes SegWit, a code change that might activate on the bitcoin blockchain by the end of August. Some,.

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This makes it possible for ETH and ETC to live side by side, one big in value, one small in value.The conditions for EDA is evaluated for every block, meaning you could have several blocks in a row reducing the difficulty by 20% each time.After all, not every exchange or wallet service provider will look to support anything but the main SegWit-enabled version of Bitcoin.

A miner makes approximately the same whether he mines ETC or ETH.They do it because they want to change bitcoin and they have a long term perspective.